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   FASTAMP-NX is a unique sheet metal forming simulation solution package developed by FASTAMP Software, Inc. It is fully integrated into SIEMENS NX environment and offers the best software solutions for the die-making and sheet metal forming industries working with NX. The speed and efficiency of design and engineering cycles can be greatly improved with the consistency of part data, process data and simulation data in NX.

   The innovative analysis engine of FASTAMP-NX software significantly improves reliability in product design and process planning, which help to reduce the number of die tryouts and tryout time, and results in higher quality part. In addition, press downtime and reject rates in production are substantially reduced.

    Based on practical, industrial know-how and sheet metal forming expertise, FASTAMP-NX provides a complete, integrated solution with highly specialized functions to analyze, review and optimize every phase of the process chain. It ranges from stand-alone modules for small and mid-size companies to complete, integrated multi-module systems for large companies.

   Due to the complete integration of FASTAMP-NX software modules and NX design applications, concepts and results from earlier phases are effectively managed within the unified SIEMESN PLM environment and can be easily and directly used in later phases. This enables customers to benefit from the power of simultaneous engineering to maximize efficiency and productivity.

   FASTAMP-NX software is well-known for accurate results and short computation times, and for its highly intuitive user interface for reliable and practical use in design, engineering and production environments. This powerful combination of accuracy, speed and user-friendliness results in revolutionary time and cost savings, and makes FASTAMP-NX the most excellent software and best choice for every NX user.

   For different type customers, both large and small, FASTAMP-NX provides the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is designed and optimized to run on common Personal Computers with no special hardware requirements, and is available for the most popular Operation Systems – Microsoft Windows. It is compatible with NX systems and also other major CAD systems. It can easily be used by employees across different departments and functions without lots of training course. Existing workforces can be trained very quickly to become productive with FASTAMP-NX software. All above features help customers maximize productivity in their own work environment.

   FASTAMP-NX provides the following benefits for users working with NX:

  • Power and complete simulation toolkit in NX native environment
  • No manual data transfer or manual data handling
  • Minimize data source errors with one shared CAD data file
  • Increase speed and efficiency of the product development cycle
  • Simulation data are automatically and instantly associated and updated with product process data
  • Increase productivity for NX users by direct access to simulation results
Blank Estimation Wizard Forming Analysis Wizard Trimline Unfolding Wizard

The best software for accurate blank development and advanced forming feasibility in Siemens NX The best software for accurate determination of optimum trimline and complex flanges unfolding with stretch and deformation prediction in Siemens NX The best software for die virtual tryout and final validation of complete stamping process in Siemens NX
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