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    Collaboration between FASTAMP Software and Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA)


     (April 2010,Detroit) Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA), a global supplier of software and services for sheet metal forming simulation today announces the availability of one new additional capability, the INC Solver, which is bundled with the DFE module, built on the DF 5.7.3 platform.


    The INC solver is fully developed and supported by FASTAMP Software of Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China) and embedded into DYNAFORM as a fast and effective solution for die virtual tryout and final validation of complete stamping process. It is the fastest commercial solving engine and about 5 times faster than prior generation dynamic finite element program with the same accuracy level.   



     As the latest result of win-win cooperation between FASTAMP and ETA after the availability of MSTEP solver, the release of the INC Solver indicates that the development ability of FEA solver of FASTAMP is widely acknowledged by global customers in sheet metal forming industry.

     For more details about INC Solver, Please visit Website:

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